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Information and Analysis

In the Intelligence Cycle, a critical step is to collect, classify, analyze, process, and integrate information in databases, allowing the full grasp and understanding of events and situations, as well as of the circumstances and power factors involved.

Any decision-making process must be based on consistent information with a high degree of certainty. Such is the task of the Information and Analysis Division.

Country Risk Prevision

ICIT provides consulting services to national and international investors for the assessment of this indicator, which is composed of three factors:

  • Public finances vulnerabilities
  • Economic risks
  • Social- political conflicts


Specialized profiles of organizations, groups and individuals, in the political, economic, and social sectors. Essential and practical information on relevant individuals useful to enable economic and political connections, dialogues, and negotiations.

Market Entry Analysis

ICIT provides insightful analysis of the market’s potential and tendencies for those corporations willing to expand into new markets. This research service includes: customized clients’ assessment, investment projections, negotiation and market perspectives, as well as social, political and security outlooks

Image and Communication Consulting

Image diagnosis, media training and public communication guidelines. Positioning of clients and topics in strategic sectors. Definition of public agendas. Comprehensive support in crisis situations.

Market Entry Analysis

ICIT provides insightful analysis of the market’s potential and tendencies for those corporations willing to expand into new markets. This research service includes: customized clients’ assessment, investment projections, negotiation and market perspectives, as well as social, political and security outlooks.

Multi-Country Benchmarking

ICIT identifies, analyses and compares high level organizational processes to establish the best business practices for each client on each market.

Organizational Engineering

Methodological analysis through interviews, surveys and auditing results. Elaboration of role and organizational charts, systematic procedures, training and operational manuals, and performance indicators. The purpose is to streamline and institutionalize processes, and to inhibit conditions for corruption.

Due Dilligence

  • Research and analysis required for acquisitions, mergers and equity exchanges, in order to evaluate appropriate transaction prices and potential risks.
  • Operational and strategic information on the target company, firms’ labor issues, transactions, restructuring processes, permits, licenses or inscriptions with authorities.

Forensic Accounting and Anticorruption Service

  • Detect, investigate, and prevent frauds in a firm’s financial statements. Unlike conventional audits, forensic accounting develops a detailed study with emphasis in criminal or fraudulent transactions
  • Forensic accounting allows to identify forgeries, money laundering, and embezzlement
  • Identification of areas which are vulnerable to corruption practices, and implementation of additional tools and procedures designed to prevent and eradicate corruption

Social Network Analysis

  • Individuals, organizations and / or specific topics
  • It includes link analysis, contact frequency and trends

Executive Advice

  • Instant support for last minute travel or emergencies, including security briefs
  • Online security counsel, including security details in any part of the country

Online Intelligence

  • Real-time structured data consultation at the regional, state, and local levels, including political, economic, social, and security issues
  • Indicators, Statistics and Trends
  • Essential and practical information on relevant individuals

Risk Control

  • Diagnosis of risk factors
  • Incidence and impact analysis
  • Resiliency
  • Attenuation - Neutralization

Intelligence and Operations

The human factor is a key element for the implemenatation of efficient and reliable security protocols. ICIT Vice presidency of Intelligence and Operations provides services of personal security and investigations with personnel assessed and trained under the highest standards.

Internal Security

  • Security guards and surveillance for commercial, corporate, and residential premises.
  • Design and development of access control procedures.
  • Diagnosis of electronic safety for installations.
  • Permanent monitoring for emergency response.
  • Trained security guards, with vetting.

Industrial Security

  • Evaluation of personnel and industrial assets management.
  • Design of preventive measures for installations and distribution routes.
  • Design and evaluation of emergency management programs.
  • Creation and training for emergency brigades.
  • Trained security guards, with vetting.
  • Industrial safety equipment use and management training.

Access Control Systems

  • Security diagnosis for government, corporation, and residential buildings.
  • Control systems:
    1. Biometric
    2. Mechanical
    3. Electronic

Assets Tracking

  • Satellite tracking of transportation and/or specific commodities
  • GPS, radio and video recording systems for vehicles
  • GPS attached to assets to broadcast their location

National and International Executive Security

  • Highly trained security details, with vetting.
  • Real-time monitoring of routes and service movements.
  • International security service with resident personnel.

Security and Protection in Massive Events

  • Elaboration of security programs and plans, including civil protection, for massive events: political, religious, artistic or any other.
  • Reaction protocols for specific situations.
  • Permanent monitoring to detect emergency situations and generate early warnings.
  • Trained security guards, with vetting.

Asset Tracking

  • Detection of internal and external risks.
  • Investigations to locate stolen products and prevent their illegal sale.

Intellectual Property and Fraud

  • Identification of sensitive areas
  • Specialized search for ilegal intrusions
  • Investigation

Private Investigation

  • Preventive procedures in public and private places
  • Technology to inhibit illicit or non-allowed surveillance
  • Investigation

Fraud and Theft

  • Location of facilities used for illegal production of goods
  • Investigation

Crisis - Kidnapping Control

  • Advice and support during and after the crisis.
  • Psychological attention during and after the crisis.

Analysis and Investigation Units

  • Design or redesign of specific intelligence areas with technological and human resources integration.
  • Personnel training for tactical analysis, including the use of link analysis systems.
  • Design of investigation protocols and procedures.
  • Capacity building on field investigation areas; surveillance, and tracking.

Intervention Units

  • Selection and training of tactical intervention personnel.
  • Design of operation protocols and procedures.

K-9 Units

  • Design and equipment of K-9 units, as well as training facilities
  • Training of K-9 units to detect:
    1. Drugs
    2. Weapons
    3. Paper money
    4. People under collapsed structures
    5. Rent of K-9 units.


A comprehensive vetting process determines confidence margins and capabilities, aptitudes, and skills for specific positions in corporations or companies. It includes:

  • Psychological evaluation
  • Intentions detector (only for private sector)
  • Polygraphic evaluation
  • Toxicological evaluation to detect illicit drugs consumption
  • Socioeconomic research


The need for superior information technologies’ capabilities is a constant requirement of governments and corporations. ICIT IT specializes in the design, development and implementation of state-of-art technology in the fields of intelligence and security.

Design and Development of Networks and Structural Wiring

Design and deploy wire and wireless networks for voice, data and video services. Internet Protocol (IP) solutions, structured wiring and high reliability designs.

Equipment Projection and Installation

Solutions in telecommunications infrastructure. Assessment of technological projects and equipment, such as routers, digital switches, multi-line hybrids, Call Centers, and CCTV and broadcasting systems.

Encrypted Communications

Provide the necessary technology (software and hardware) to allow safe data communications (telephone, wired or mobile, and internet), and protection of sensitive information.

Redundant Cooling and Power Systems

Comprehensive solutions for uninterruptible power supply and cooling systems for data centers, computer rooms and strategic facilities.

Maintenance of Networks and Technical Equipment

Preventive and corrective maintenance; diagnosis for all kinds of telecom, network, energy, climate and monitoring infrastructure; professional advice in substitution plans of equipment and networks.

Design and Construction of Data Centers

Design and deployment of data centers to offer reliable solutions to protect information, together with backup systems that ensure their availability anytime.

Data centers are designed based on clients needs which may include: construction of the website, security equipment, and video surveillance.

Processing and Data Backup

Diagnose and suggest technological solutions (physical and virtual) in order to process and backup information contained in data centers.

Interoperability and Integration

Analysis of technological capabilities, better interfaces and innovative computer infrastructure. Simplify operations to execute faster applications in physical, virtual, and cloud computing interfaces.

Big Data

Solutions focused on corporations with large amount of data and with capacity deficit of transcription, management, and processing.

Encripted and Information Security

Cutting–edge technology to safeguard personal, companies’, and organizations’ information, strengthening confidentiality, availability, and integrity.

Reengineering Existing Solutions

Advice on Information Technologies through procedures and processes reengineering.

Digital Security Architecture

Computer infraestructure portection and related issues (including information security), software, database and files

  • Networks
  • Servers and PCs
  • Databases and Applications
  • Secure Software Development

Computational infrastructure protection and related issues (including information security), software, databases, and files.

Protection and Monitoring for Hacking Prevention

    Technology solutions on software and hardware, creating monitoring systems to strengthen perimeter security or in specific areas of the network, in order to prevent failures or instabilities of the infrastructure.

  • Services Organization Control (SOC)
  • Network Organization Control (NOC)

Digital Forensic Analysis

Incident information on theft, fraud, spying, menaces and misuses of sensitive information within the organization.

  • Identification of an incident
  • Evidence preservation
  • Evidence analysis
  • Documentation of an incident

Special Equipment

Cutting edge and specialized technology fonr official use

  • Design
  • Integration
  • Updating and backup
  • Service and maintenance

Tracking center and Technical Localization

Global tracking and high accuracy location solutions for vehicles and individuals.

  • Satellite Transponders.
  • Global Position.
  • Online Monitoring Systems.
  • Electronic Security Bracelets.